Thursday, January 18, 2007

Re-Post: Karen Dalton

Since the link to "It's hard to tell.." has gone dead soon, here is another upload.

It's so hard to tell


Anonymous said...

thanks for reposting, that was kind of you. there still is a problem, however. Gigasize keeps making you plud in a code over and over again and never opens up the link. hopefully this will improve later. i'll try again. Bob

michelerui79 said...

Are you sure? I have just tried (I have inserted the 3-letter code, waited for the countdown to stop and then clicked on the "Clicca qui per download" button, and it seems to work fine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Misha, for your response to my post. I tried unsuccessfully another 5 times, then on the 6th try the link finally appeared. Thank you once again for posting. Bob

lugrumante said...

Beautiful album, Misha, thanks a lot. By the way, I had problems trying to download using Internet Explorer, but with Firefox it all went nice. Regards.

sérgio torres said...

Hi there michelerui79,

thanks for the file. i've been searching it for a long time, got some link at "mediafire" but it isnt't working properly or blocked brazilian connections (cus i accessed it by proxy...)

Many Thanks!!! :)

got the same prob with gigasize using IE7. reported to the admin. No prob with Mozilla Firefox. thanks for the tip, lugrumante.

best wishes,

sérgio torres said...


the link from "mediafire" was yours, sorry... :)

what a shame....heehehehe


Andy said...

This made me poke into my old album racks but I pulled out a Kathy Dalton LP from 1974 - not the same singer at all. So this was a revelation. Never heard of her. Kind of like an Eva Cassidy of the 60's. Madelaine Peyroux musta listened to her too. Many thanks for the intro....
Oh, yes, also had that glitch with the DL. Tiresome, but it worked eventually. Many thanks for this.
And the little listening device on your front page is really helpful, too. Great blog.