Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iggy Pop: The Idiot

Iggy Pop is, without any doubt, one of the most important and influential rock musicians (even though I could easily live these days without "musicians" as, say, Peaches...), and the reason why I have decided to upload "The Idiot"is...well, because it is a wonderful album, also thanks to David Bowie's production (he was in great shape back in 1977: he was just in the middle of his Berlin-period, i.e. the last, and maybe only, time he did something ahead of everybody else), and because I think I am going to post some weird stuff in the future days, probably new-wave or some electrinica, I'll see. That's why such a "classic"LP.
Anyway, here is one of my fav tracks Iggy did: Nightclubbing. The kind of sexy thing just perfect for decadent times: and I am quite sure it was a big influence on Ian Curtis.

More info:
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The Idiot


Anonymous said...

hate to be that guy, but the Ian Curtis comment was pretty poor taste..

michelerui79 said...

I'm sorry...I didn't mean it. I only meant to say that Curtis must have listened to that record and liked it.
That it was a obvious influence on Unknown Pleasure (I know he particularly liked iggy and Lou Reed and kraftwerk at the time). That's all.
Anything else you can read in it it must be me not being good enough at writing in english.

michelerui79 said...

Anyway, I've changed the line.