Friday, January 19, 2007

The Raincoats: s/t

"The Raincoats - S/t" is The Raincoats' first album, published in 1979, by this bunch of women who made history as one of the best bands of the british new wave: their sound is raw but still pop, and their voices can be both similar to John Lydon's and sometimes, oddly, beautiful (as in the second track No side to fall in, a great example of how to make a post punk song out of...violins and sixties choirs).
So, you like the stop-and-go sound that is so typical of new wavers? You've got plenty of it, along with sax, violin, some trumpets here and there, and a not too fucked up version of The Kinks' Lola.

The Raincoats on Wiki

The Raincoats
The Raincoats (new link - mediafire)


Erin said...

Hi! How do you download from this site? I've been trying several times and I still can't get it. Any help?

michelerui79 said...

You wait a while(it says, down below, 35 seconds, but it takes less)and then the link appear. I have just tried and it works fine.

erin said...

Thanks michelerui79 for the prompt reply. I rang my network guru and he said it's impossible to download. It looks likely that it blocks my ISPs from downloading. too. Sorry, I have to give up. Thanks anyway!

erin said...

Thanks michelerui79. I just got it through Mediafire. Wonderful stuff, still sound relevant today.

Anonymous said...

Great site, thanks for all the great albums. I'd love to see more Raincoats albums if you have any to share. This album has been one of my faves for a long time, and I've been desperately seeking other albums by them.

it was the blue that got me said...

Shoot, looks like I missed this one?!