Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Triffids: In the pines

THE TRIFFIDS were an australian rock band active in the eighties: they sound like something between late-Byrds and english-american post punk bands. This beautiful LP, "In the pines" is one of their best efforts (together with the previous "Bord Sandy devotional" probably), having it all of their influnces, well-balanced, in it. For instance: the country music of "Once again", but also the perfect pop of the title track (it reminds of the poppiest STRANGLERS songs), while "Suntrapper" is a great stop-and-go new wave thing, "Kathy knows" might sound like early CURE stuff, and "Better off this way" is the closest a band grown in the punk scene can get to write a crooner kind of song.
Plus you will find also a bunch of interesting bonus tracks along with the original tracklist.

For more info see this well-done fansite and wiki (also, on their official site there's this wonderful page with lots of downloads of rairities.

In the pines


Vaughn said...

There appears to be a problem with the rar. file. It cuts short giving only one of the eight extra tracks. The file on MEGA is only 50mb too. Could you please try uploading it again? Thank you for all for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Yes please!!!

I saw the Triffids live long time ago in Greece and it was quite an experience.
It's sad that not many people remember them now.


Anonymous said...

yes, please, too!

thanks, anyway!
been waiting for this and calenture since a long time....

Anonymous said...

Misha the link is broken it,s only 12 numbers can you fixx it please.

Marcel from holland

Anonymous said...

Number 13, and 14 can't open the rar file