Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Beatles: White album (one-disc only)

This is a bit of a game I played: I asked myself "What if the Beatles had made one disc out of all the music they put on tapes for the so-called "White album" instead oa double LP? (I think George Martin would have appreciated a more concise work)
And I know this could seem a bit pretentious and all, but I tried nonetheless to compile a one-disc version that might sound fine (and, at the same time, I tried not to leave all the McCartney songs out...which is a bit of a hard work. I have always thought this was one of his worst period as a writer. He did much better sooner -"Pepper"- and after -"Let it be").
This is the result. Don't take it too seriously (otherwise you would probably want to chop my head for putting also an Anthology-version track in it...), it was just fun (at least it was for me compiling it).
I won't tell you the tracklist (it would take half the fun out).

White album