Thursday, August 24, 2006

Robert Forster: "Drop" CD single + Radio showcase

And here is something for the GO-BETWEENS fans: Robert Forster's "Drop" CD single, plus a radio showcase with also two songs from his GB days ("Rock 'n' roll friend", and the marvellous "When she sang about angels").
By the way, you like the picture? I hope you do, it comes from the "16 Lovers Lane"period, when he had dyed his hair silver... (I have taken it out of David Nichols' biopic on the Go-Betweens: take a look at Amazon if you are interest, it is a quite good bok).

Robert Forster


Anonymous said...

I am unable to unrar the Radio 96 folder. Any clue to solve the problem?

Thank you for the post, anyway.

Anonymous said...

can't live without The Triffids - Calenture cd, this is the only I don't have....HELP, please

Thank You!

Matthias said...

Thank you for posting. I have yet to unrar it but I've been looking to hear this for sometime.

Cheers! You're the best!

Matthias said...

I too was unable to unRAR "I Can Do" as it appears to be corrupted. Any chance of a re-post? This is prime stuff!

Andrew K said...


I am sure that I read recently that the G-Bs book was coming out in Italian too (limited publishing run of 500?) Did you get the Radio sessions from my vidoni-kerr site on Wanadoo by any chance?

Sam Stone said...

Thanks for Robert Forster :-)