Wednesday, June 28, 2006

XTC: Go +

XTC are probably one of the best pop bands of all time, but they clearly did not have a real shot at success, and this is why they never grew to be as famous as they would deserve but still are an underground cult (even after more than 20 years of career).
If you have downloaded some of the Children of nuggets you kind of know them already, being them behind the name "DUKES OF THE STRATOSPHEAR", a revival-pychedelic side project of theirs. Well, this is another unusual work out of ther vast oeuvre, an EP originally released as bonus in 1978 -only 15000 copies- with their second LP "Go 2", and it is a very funny, even though naive dub reworking of that same album (actually only five pieces of it). Strange thing is that "Go +" shows -also 28 years on- ambition and originality that the original work lacks.
I assure you there is no need to be a raggae or a dub fan to be mesmerised by these five songs (otherwise I wouldn't, not being a big raggae/dub fan myself).
If you want to know more about XTC take a look at Wiki.

GO +

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Anonymous said...

marvellous, this is--loved the originals and hearing these great reworks is fab!!

thanks!!!! great blog!