Wednesday, June 07, 2006

True West: Two true

Some days ago I found on "Twilight zone" (you can find it among the links), a download of a Paisley Underground band I didn't know (if you want to try it, I think the download is still working) called TRUE WEST: they sound something between LONG RYDERS and first DREAM SYNDICATE (but, sometimes with a darker appeal), and as many other californian bands of the time their music references go back to THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE BYRDS (mostly because of the guitar arpeggios) and generally to the west coast 60's psychedelia and garage rock, but quite often played with a punk angst.
Well, actually TRUE WEST didn't really fit in the Paisley, since they were not from LA, but it is as if they did.
Anyway, I searched something to post in here and I found this collection of songs of theirs that includes also the SID BARRETT-era PINK FLOYD's "Lucifer Sam", and the only-one-chord wonder "Steps to the door".
If you are willing to know more you can find some info about them and Paisley in the pages down here (and a very nice article about this californian scene too)

Short Bio on TRUE WEST:
Paisley Underground on Wiki:
Article about PAISLEY on Pop Matters:


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