Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Bangles: All over the place

After all this 60's music, now let's go jump forth to the eighties, with one of the most succesful bands of the time, THE BANGLES. They became wordly known thanks to their huge hit "Walk like an egyptian", but "All over the place" is often considered their best album (meaning not too commercial, not over-produced with lots of synths and such).
I have uploaded this because everybody seems to think about THE BANGLES as just another useless 80's band, the one-hit-and-go kind of, but...hey, Prince wrote "Manic monday" for them, so they probably deserve some respect.
Well, now I would not go and consider them a Paisley Underground band, as Wiki does: I know they are from L.A. as well, and they were friends with DREAM SYNDICATE and other L.A.-based groups, but , still, it is hard to see so many hints of that indie-punk/psychedelic spirit in these girls...
Anyway, this is a pretty good album, give it a try.

Bangles on Wiki

All over the place


The Enabler said...

'Hero Takes A Fall' and 'Going Down To Liverpool' are great songs!

Dithers said...

In retrospect, it's easier to think that they were not part of the so-called Paisley Underground because of their later efforts. But when All Over the Place was released, they were simply contemporaries of the Dream Syndicate, Three O'Clock, et al. Who knew that their next effort would be overproduced or feature a Prince song?

exitplanetdust said...

Grande blog.

Per cortesia, potresti riuppare il disco delle Bangles?

Grazie, ciao.