Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have a little (?) request: does anybody have the Go-Betweens' "The last Stand, Max's Dec.1989" (i.e The Go-Bes' last concert of the 80's)?
If yes, please (pleeeeeze) would you upload it and post as a comment?
It'd be very appreciated.



Anonymous said...

hi misha
i have the LAST STAND Dec 1989
Sent me a eMail


Bobby said...

Good luck with the search!

I hope you can track it down. I've ben trying to get my hands on that recording for a long time. It would be brilliant if it could be posted.

Thanks again for the fabbo blog.

misha said...

Yes, (thanks to Uli) I did track it down. I'll post it quite soon. There's also a thouhgt that's crossing my mind which is assembling a sort of "Best of" GBs' bootlegs (in 6 or 7 volumes)... But I'm not sure if it could be of some interest (or if I feel like going through the whole thing).

Anonymous said...

Please do it Misha. We can't get enough of the Go-Betweens live stuff, especially shows from the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

The 'Best Of' sounds brilliant!!