Monday, June 08, 2009

The Go-Betweens: Live Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain, May 17, 1989

It's been a while since my last post about the Go-Betweens (almost two months!), and so I started digging into my hard disk, and I picked this one up, a very good bootleg indeed: quite long tracklist (18 songs) and a couple of rare moments in it. Which are: the weird intro to Love is a sign (and with violin pizzicatos), and (above all) Bob Dylan's Hurricane (it's just a pity that the recording does not start at the very beginning of the song). Plus, this version here of Clouds (more or less the same of the "Fools in love" boot) is possibly my favourite ever (the one with the "oceanic" drumming...), and then great finale for both Streets of your town (a funky one!) and Karen.

So, one more thing before I go, one more time: if any of you has any GBs photos, would you be so kind to upload them and send me the link (as a comment)? I'm really running short on pictures here (this one above is Razzmatazz in Barcelona, same bulding as Zeleste, new name -if I'm not mistaken)


1. Love Goes On
2. Was There Anything I Could Do
3. Clouds
4. Dive For Your Memory
5. I'm Alright
6. Right Here
7. The House That Jack Kerouac Built
8. Quiet Heart
9. Spring Rain
10. Streets Of Your Twon
11. Bye Bye pride
12. The Clarke Sisters
13. The Devil's Eye
14. Love Is A Sign
15. Core Of A Flame
16. Hurricane
17. Apology Accepted
18. Karen

Live Zeleste Part 1
Live Zeleste Part 2


Anonymous said...

Thank You for this wonderful show!!

hookfinger said...

Thanks for another great show, Misha. Don't disappear.