Monday, March 09, 2009

Tortoise: Live 1999, Frankfurt

I've been a Tortoise fan for quite a long time now (since 1998's TNT), I've seen them play them live only once (and Jeff Parker is one of the very people I asked for an autograph, btw, and man was he kind! It got to the point where it was hard to see who was thanking whom...), and I also saw (probably during that same year) Chicago Underground Trio, so I was really delighted when I bumped into this bootleg with Tortoise during their TNT tour sharing (part of) a performance with CUT (plus Fred Anderson).
And it's not only that: it is a great quality show. I had also another boot on my hands but when I re-listened to that one I had no doubt this one is SO much better.


1. Intro
2. TNT
3. Tin Cans & Twine
4. In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men
5. Track 6 Intro
6. Unknown
7. I Set My Face to the Hillside
8. Ten-Day Interval
9. Unknown
10. Swung from the Gutters
11. La Jetee

Tortoise Live 1999

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Anonymous said...

thanks, listening now, great stuff