Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Robert Forster: Sex God (Disc 1 & 2)

"Sex God" is a collection of precious bootleg recordings of Robert Forster's spanning from live recordings dating from 1991 to 1996, and including also some "Danger In The Past" demos. Which means: a lot of stuff, and quite rare too (there seems to be not many Forster's boots out there from the nineties), and I mean to make a point when I say that, for example, it is a great joy to be able to listen to (what probably is) the first public performance of When she talks about angels (from the "Mark Radcliffe" radio sessions at BBC Radio One), and I personally could never get tired of listening to Danger in the past (the album demos obviously do not sound perfect, but they are very good and of great interest: it is, for instance, captivating to see how I've been looking for somebody can sound good also without (that wonderful sounding) piano).
Also among my favourites: the plain, simple solo acoustic rendition of Love is a sign (from Disc 2), Grant Hart's acoustic 2541 (I actually thought it should have made it to the Intermission Best Of instead of Frisco Depot, and not only because I love Husker Du) and Rock 'n' roll friend of course (though nothing can beat the 1987 KCRW radio sessions).
And last (but not least) a big big thank you to Uli who managed to upload this for me (and for you, yeah).

In case someone didn't get how much stuff you'll find in here I'm posting the tracklists as well.


Disc 1:
Magasinet, Gothenburg, Sweden, February 17, 1991 (radio broadcast)
01. Is This What You Call Change
02. Love Is A Sign
03. People Say
04. I've Been Looking For Somebody
05. Dive For Your Memory
06. Baby Stones
07. Spring Rain
08. Leave Here Satisfied
"Danger In The Past" demos
09. Danger In The Past
10. The River People
11. I've Been Looking For Somebody
12. Drop
"Danger In The Past" outtake
13. Falling Star
"Greater London Radio" session, UK, April 21, 1993
14. Atlanta Lie Low
Triple J "Acoustic Sessions", Australia, May 26, 1993
15. The Circle
16. Falling Star
17. Drop (cuts)

Disc 2:
Phaat Chalice, Sydney, Australia, June 24, 1995 (radio broadcast)
01. Danger In The Past
02. Love Is A Sign
03. I've Been Looking For Somebody
04. 121
05. 2541
06. The Circle
07. Part Company
08. Dive For Your Memory
09. Crying Love (cuts)
"Mark Radcliffe" session, BBC Radio One, UK, August 7, 1996
10. I Can Do
11. Rock 'n' Roll Friend
12. She Sang About Angels
BBC Radio One session, UK, July 1994
13. 3AM
14. Interview
15. Baby Stones

Sex God (Disc 1)
Sex God (Disc 2)


Bobby said...

Wow, just brilliant. Thanks for making these available. So great to have some Robert bootlegs from earlier periods.

Listening now.

Many, many thanks again.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Fantastic work Misha absolutely brilliant
Thank you

Allan Kingdom said...

this is amazing. thank you

hookfinger said...

Misha - Iam geting an error message for disc 2.

hookfinger said...

Misha - For some reason it is working fine now so let me just say thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Even worth having two files called "Sex God" on the download history.

AC said...

Thanks a lot!
Great stuff


Matthias said...


Merci beaucoup! This is a true treasure chest. Being in the U.S. there was no air play during the wilderness solo careers decade. Is this something you yourself tracked or someone else? I'm curious as to the order choice which is not chronological. This package is also superior to the Grant solo radio show post from several months ago. Nice work encore mon ami!

misha said...

To Matthias: my friend Uli from Germany sent it to me, I think he bought it as a (double) CD bootleg. So, order not up to me. But indeed a good job.

L said...

Wowie! Thanks so much.

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