Sunday, August 17, 2008

Robert Forster & Grant McLennan: Live Stockholm, Sweden, November 4, 1991

The "Live Stockholm 1991" from the Forster-McLennan duo during their Go-Betweens intermission of the nineties is a nearly copycat version of "Live Copenhagen 1991" I posted last march: almost the same tracklist and same year. Yet it's a joy to listen to it over and over again, as it always is to me with Forster & McLennan playing as an acoustic duo. Moreover this version of Forster's The river people, much slower than in "Copenhagen '91", is particularly moving.


1-Cattle and cane
2-The river people
3-Baby stones
4-Was there anything I could do
6-Easy come, easy go
7-Spring rain
8-Love goes on!

Live Stockholm, Sweden, November 4, 1991


Anonymous said...

this one is good

Bobby said...

Brilliant, thanks so much!

Any chance of a SAGA re-up??