Saturday, March 22, 2008

Robert Forster & Grant McLennan: Live @ Saga, Copenhagen, 1991

This is a beautiful showcase broadcast by some danish radio (ergo the excellent quality) of Robert & Grant performing as an acoustic duo after the Go-Betweens' split-up of the eighties: the songs are both from the GB's repertoire and from the two's solo careers. And that's one thing that still amazes me: how these two old friends never stopped being friends, and how when they got together to play (no matter if on seldom occasions during the GB's 90's Intermission or during the band's comeback after "The friends of Rachel Worth") they could easily play each other's "solo" songs with no problem at all. Just think if there ever is going to be a comeback tour for Pink Floyd with Roger Waters: no way Gilmour would agree to play something out of "The pros and cos of hitch-hiking" or "Amused to death", I'd say.
I bet this is the difference between being friends and just bandmates. Anyone can figure Gilmour singing confidently Every stranger's eyes the way Forster sings Haven't I been a fool ? (well, it's also the difference between going on, making your own music as a solo artist, and selling out your soul playing copycat versions of the songs of the band-that-once-was-and-now-isn't-anymore- because-the-one-with-good-ideas-left...yeah, that too).


01. Cattle And Cane
02. The River People
03. Haven't I Been A Fool
04. Baby Stones
05. Clouds
06. Easy Come Easy Go
07. Spring Rain
08. Love Goes On!
09. Danger In The Past
10. (interview)

Live @ Saga, Copenhagen


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this nice recording.
And I like your comment ;)

Anonymous said...

Tank you for another great bootleg!

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Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

Mike!!Ma 6 troppo saggio!!:) io non so come fai a dare così tante informazioni su tutto e tutti..!! Ciau ciau brother! Jules

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tunes - do you have any of Grants solo bootlegs?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

A wonderful post misha, many thanks
ciao bob

Matthias said...

Great post Misha! This is a very nice recording and the interview track (although short) is great to hear with Grant's voice.

L said...

What a great, great treat. Thanks so much.