Friday, May 16, 2008

Wall Of Voodoo: Call Of The West

I was talking to a friend about this album, and it came to mind that I hadn't posted it yet. Which is something I should be ashamed of. Because Wall Of Voodoo's second LP, "Call Of The West"is one of the most original new wave records ever. I mean: there were not many bands that felt like playing country 'n' western music with synths. It is something that the mind can barely accept, actually. Yet it exists. Which is something that has always amazed me about music: you think there is some music, some crossover, that could never ever work, and then some band jumps up, doesn't give a care, and they do it anyway. And you just listen to it and think: "Yeah, why not?".

Check out @ their official site WOV's cover version of Johnny Cash's Walk Of Fire (!), from their 1979 debut EP, free for download.

Or watch this video:

More about @ Wikipedia
More about WOV's singer, Stan Ridgway, @ FoxyTunes

Call Of The West


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I agree misha, wall of voodoo and stan ridgeway have consistently created music unlike anyone else. I saw stan play live a few years ago and it was one of the greatest gigs I have seen and I love his solo stuff.
Have you seen this promo Lp for download, Stan Ridgway - Fly On The Wall. If you haven't its well worth hearing
Find the link below
ciao bob

J Frank Parnell said...

It's about time this album got its due as not only one of the best of the 80s, but one of the best ever. Nothing like it before. Nothing like it after. The "Ring of Fire" EP (and it's expanded CD version) contains a slew of harsher edged stuff, almost more stunning than this, if only for the fact that it exists at all.

Saddest, though, is that there'll be no reunion (of the ridgway lineup). Guitarist Marc Moreland and drummer Joe Nanni are both dead, and there's no band without them.