Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Go-Betweens: Live Lund 10-08-88

And here is another go-betweens' boot after a while. And I'm afraid I'm running out of them. That'll probably mean that I'm going to start re-posting some of the old ones, I suppose. Anyway, talking about here and now: this is a very good radio broadcast of a swedish concert set in Lund in 1988, it has only 7 songs but I've never heard a rendition of Quiet heart so similar to the album version (and very good and warm too, not just a copycat).
Strangely all the songs are sung by McLennan (Your turn my turn too, with quite funny alternative lyrics).


01 Quiet Heart

02 Your Turn, My Turn

03 Streets of Your Town

04 Apology Accepted

05 DJ
06 The Wrong Road
07 Was There Anything I Could Do
08 Right Here

09 DJ

Live Lund 88


Anonymous said...

how luck - today i was looking three times for an new go-betweens link - and now ...
Bay the way - i have a lot of other live material

Anonymous said...

You're the best ;)
Many thanks !

Anonymous said...

Great!!! I'm shure you also have a good copy of "very quick on the eye". The only one I found is 128k which sounds pretty poor. You would make an old man happy.

misha said...

To uli:if you have more live material please upload it and give us a link!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Great stuff Misha,
Ive got some rare and early gobs on my blog sent to me from a reader, I'm sure you'll find it as fantastic as I did
Heres the Track List
01 - Five New Songs -
Heaven Says.
02 - Five New Songs -
Undo What You Did.
03 - Five New Songs -
Cracked Wheat.
04 - Five New Songs -
People Know.
05 - Five New Songs -
A Peaceful Wreck.
06 - Missing Link Demo -
One Word.
07 - Missing Link Demo - Hope.
08 - Missing Link Live -
I Need Two Heads.
09 - 3PBS 1981 - Karen.
10 - 3PBS 1981 - One Word.
11 - 3PBS 1981 -
One Thing Can Hold Us.
12 - 3PBS 1981 - Interview Pt1.
13 - 3PBS 1981 - Interview Pt2.
14 - 4ZZZ Interview 1979.

The interviews are really special
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

To Misha

I wanto to, but I'm not able to.
Can I sent you the Stuff?

misha said...

To Uli.:ok you can send it to
But you'd better first send me a list of what you've got, so that I tell you what I already have, ok?

Anonymous said...

great. thanks. pop. GB.
and the sun is shining

Anonymous said...

hey misha, thanks for the go-betweens stuff.
any chance of re-upping the early ones you posted that are now dead links?