Friday, April 06, 2007

John Cale: Five Tracks EP

This time a little upload: John Cale's "Five tracks EP", released in 2003 prior to his great comeback with the "HoboSapiens" LP. None of these songs featured later in the albun btw.
Well, this is mostly it. The mood is more or less the same as in "HoboSapiens" and -which is more important- these tracks are surely better than others that made it to an album in his past career (my mind goes to "Walking on locusts": money very bad spent, heck). So: great atmosphere, and pieces of music played and sung at Cale's best.

More Info:
John Cale @ Wiki.

Five Tracks EP


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one - i still love john cale more than lou reed.

herr k. (tootally fuzzy)

Anonymous said...

Is the link dead? Couldn't get anything.

michelerui79 said...

I have tried it, and it works just fine.