Monday, February 12, 2007

Retribution Gospel Choir: Summer EP

A short record today: The Retribution Gospel Choir are Andy Sparhawk (Low's singer and composer) side project (he obvously plays guitar, while Eric Pollard is on drums and Eric Pollard is on bass, who also plays in Low) that he sometimes takes on tour with his main band.
This EP is one out of the two they have recorded and sold during their concerts, and includes two songs (Hatchet and Breaker) that will appear on Low's next album ("Drums and guns") as well.
What about this EP? The first track (El coro) is a great improvisation-noise piece, the two songs from Low's repertoire are one (Breaker) not very different from its "Drums and guns" version, whereas the other (Hatchet) is more stripped-down and acoustic, and the last song from this "Summer Ep" (Body electric) has the feel of some old Low songs, maybe something out of "Trust", but with a shimmering dissonant guitar solo at he end.

The surprise link for all the West Wing fans out there.


01 - El Coro
02 - Breaker
03 - Hatchet
04 - Body Electric

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