Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lullatone: Plays pajama pop pour vous

Some time ago I had promised some jap electronic music, so here it comes: Lullatones' new album, "Plays pajama pop pour vous", a band that you may already know if you have been visiting this blog for a year or so: tender music-box-like music, with girlish tunes and glokenspiel filling in the elctronic soft beats. This last effort of Shawn James Seymour & Yoshimi Tomida is maybe the most pop-oriented of their catalogue, but also the richest with influences, from brazilian music (Bedroom bossa band) or light-hearted discotheque music (Floating away).
Anyway, Lullatones are an easy-going fun band that can help you relax, a nice example of what I'd like to call "bedroom music", not meaning something that gets you sleepy, but something that makes you feel like lying on your bed, stretch your arms and be still and warm as if nothing could bother you.

More info:
Lullatone @ Myspace

Plays pajama pop pour vous

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