Friday, November 03, 2006

VA: Rainy Day

Here I am, back after a while, with a very rare 1983 record: Rainy Day, a brief compilation with cover versions of alternative classics (and not) played by members of the Paisley Underground like: The Bangles' Susanna Hoffs, Game Theory's Michael Quercio, Dream Syndicate's Kendra Smith, and Rain Parade's David Roback.
I invite all of you who love this rock scene to get it, also because this disc is really hard to find (I do not know if someone has edited it after Rough Trade did in 1984..but I have serious doubts about it), and because...well, take a loot at the tracklist:

1. I'll Keep It With Mine (Dylan)
2. John Riley (Gibson/Neff/Belamonte)
3. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Young)
4. Sloop John B. (traditional)
5. Soon Be Home (Townshend)
6. Holocaust (Chilton)
7. On The Way Home (Young)
8. I'll Be Your Mirror (Reed)
9. Rainy Day, Dream Away (Hendrix)

Rainy Day


sub_commandante_marcos said...

Wow!! At last, after 18 months, I can hear this again!! mthnx michel.
btw Michael Quercio is more famous for the 'three o'clock' & 'salvation army' than game theory?

Anonymous said...

had this on vinyl man.
those were the days, miracles everywhere.
a trip to hear it again.
much obliged.

P said...

thank you for posting this! i've been looking for it everywhere.

matt said...

This is GREAT. Just great. Sloop John B could be shorter, but the rest is excellent. Thanks.

drosswilk said...

whatever else Susanna Hoffs may have done, stuff like this justified my teenage crush

Anonymous said...

Not only thanks, but multiple times. You are a great source of excellent music. Good company on a cold night, thank you.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much! been searching for this for years after the cassette got chewed up in about 1987!

L said...

Thanks for this !!