Monday, November 27, 2006

Grant McLennan: Solo

Grant McLennan was the founder and co-writer of the great Go-Betweens, the australian rock band that I am so fond of (if you've already been on this blog you possibly know this already...and I promise I am going to re-post soon the Botany Sessions too), he died last May and I am not yet able to consider him gone. I'll never hear anything from him or from his band (I may sound selfish, but, well, I don't mean it, I simply got in love with their songs in the couple of years prior his death... and probably many of you know how it feels when you get attached to a band and, after a while you realise it is not just one more band that you happen to listen to, but it is your band. And that's it: you're a fan. And you want to know more, you want to have more from them, and you look forward for the next single, the next CD... That's what happened to me with The Go-Betweens: they became my band, but I was too late: I've never had the chance to wait for their new album to come out. I will never feel that expectation and that's bad (and yeah, here I may be sounding really selfish, I know), too bad. But at least I got the chance to see them live once -about an year ago these days- and everytime my mind goes back to that concert (or when I watch their That stiped sunlight sound DVD) I get very sentimental about it, and about what they have meant to me (and maybe about music in general: one of the cons of this internet-era is that it gets harder and harder to be so involved in ONE band, or ONE artist, or whatever...or am I simply getting old? Dunno).
So forgive all of this fuss and let me just say that Grant McLennan also wrote 4 solo albums, and if you like the GB you should go try listen to some of his solo releases, maybe starting with this collection of songs I have picked. I don't know if this is his "Best of", it may as well be only my "best of" his work, but I still hope you find something in it something that can be of some use to you.
(If any of you is interested, I have took a selection of the songs he wrote in the Go-Betweens: nothing new, just something out of the curiosity of listening to his songs with GB without their counterpart -the Robert Forster's ones).

Grant McLennan Solo


E/R said...

Hello there - I am visiting from a link on the Go-Betweens message board. Thank you for writing this! It's just the way I feel about Grant McLennan because I discovered the Go-Betweens only a few months ago myself. Tonight I watched the first part of 'That Striped Sunlight Sound' for the first time. Gotta love Grant. Just gotta love him.

Paul said...

Thanks for the great compilation. The Go-Betweens have been one of my favorite bands for many years. I first saw them live in 1987 and in 2005 last. Nice to see that you will re-post the Botany Sessions. I'm looking forward excitedly to getting them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brilliant McLennan stuff. The go-betweens were the soundtrack to my youth and I have really only recently (since his sad death) started listening to his solo stuff. Thanks for this and for the promise on the Botany Tapes.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the upload and please please please please please put the Botany Tapes back up. I will be forever greatful

AC said...

Ti scrivo da Roma.
Da oltre 20 anni seguo i Go- Betweens e puoi capire che cosa ha significato per me la scomparsa di Grant, con il quale avevo anche parlato in un incontro casuale.
Ho visto i Go-Bees dal vivo tre volte, 1984, 1989 (con i Rem) e 2004 ed anch'io ho ricordi indelebili. Di recente ho poi pubblicato la traduzione italiana del libro di D. Nichols su di loro.

Anch'io sul mio Blog avevo inserito un post su Grant.

Vedo dal tuo blog che ascolti cose molto simili ai miei gusti (anche io ho il disco di Rainy Day).

Magari possiamo scambiarci qualche parere.


Francesco said...

Complimenti per il blog Mich!
Non lo leggevo da un po, ma devo dire che l'hai sviluppato alla grande.. anche il numero di commenti non scherza!!! non fosse per l'Ipod saresti senza dubbio il miglior critico musicale autoctono! ;-)
Ciao, a presto!

moehrebret said...


the megaupload-link is not available. can you please re-upload the file??



.........when a woman learns to walk she's not dependent anymore - a line from her letter, may 24.

i miss you, grant.