Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Danny & Dusty: The lost weekend

Danny & Dusty were much more than the names could lead you to think: it was (on writing "team") Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn and Green on red's Dan Stuart, plus Stuart's colleague on GOR Chris Cacavas, Long Ryders' Sid Griffin and Tom Steffen, and at last DS's drummer Dennis Duck.
The lost weekend was a collaboration of a couple days only, when all of these people met only "for the fun of it", delivering good-rocking pub songs for drunks and old timers (including a more than enjoyable version of Knockin' on heaven's door).
Many consider this some kind of a lost masterpiece (lost given the fact that it has not been re-released for a long time), and I do not completely agree with that because I still think that the Paisley Underground (the californian scene that included all the three of these musicians' bands) produced better than this (Days of wine and roses and State of our union come to mind...), but still The lost weekend does not deserve to be left in the drawer of some label forever because it is a collection of songs that many Paisley underground Fans could truly appeciate, along with Neil Young fans (I think of Ragged glory) or Dylan's (specially if you like some of his slack material).

The lost weekend


sub_commandante_marcos said...

Have you heard 'Rainy Day' LP ? recorded by members of 'paisly underground' in the early 80's - dream syndicate,three o'clock,rain parade,bangles. Very Recomended.

michelerui79 said...

I've heard of it, but never listened to it, since it's out of print and I've never seen it on the web. Any chance you have it or know where to find it(on some blog or some site)?

sub_commandante_marcos said...

I have it on vinyl, the rough trade UK release from 1984..that was when I bought it.
Sadly, my turntable broke 18months ago & a replacement is at the bottom of a long,long list of things to purchase:-(
It has never been reissued on CD I think, never seen it anyway - my copy has a few skips.

sub_commandante_marcos said...

btw, great suprise link - I've seen the 'Born Into Brothels' documentary, inspiring film.

Edward said...

God knows if anyone will ever read this since I'm two years late to the party, but:

The "Rainy Day" album is available for download at

I was underwhelmed by it myself, but others may like it. Thanks for this, by the way.