Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sandy Denny: A boxful of treasures 2

This is the second CD, including many FAIRPORT CONVENTION songs from their golden period, and also a version of "The ballad of easy rider" that they recorded for "Liege and Life" but did not release, but also an exclusive radio recording), plus more songs (both released and unreleased) with FOTHERINGAY, and with ALEX CAMPBELL & HIS FRIENDS.
For more details about the tracklist see here.

The surprise link is dedicated to the memory of SYD BARRETT, our lost crazy diamond, for he will not return anymore.

Box 2


camillo said...

Thanks Misha for this excellent post of yours. I have many of the tracks on the original albums but the unreleased ones are a treat.
Make me feel almost sorry to be on leave for vacation (...mmm...), but I hope your links to next CDs (more unreleased, disc 5 looks very promising) rest undisturbed till I come home to grab them.

Thanks again and arrivederci

sérgio torres said...

ciao, michele,
hope everything is ok with ya!
thanks for this great box.
you rocks! :)

sérgio torres said...

hi there again, michele,
thanks for the surprisin' link from "metacritic". very useful and interesting, liked very much.
i've downloaded the 1 and 2 part of sandy denny box set and couldn't unpack the 2 part, it says the file is corrupted. gonna download it again and, well, let's wait for anyone else saying it's ok - or not...hehehe
thank ya very much.
sérgio torres

sérgio torres said...

ok, it worked now. ;)
thans again and sorry for bothering ya.