Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sandy Denny: A boxful of treasures 1

This is the first disc of a wonderful box set for all Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny fans: 5 CDs with lots of unreleased and altrnate takes (the fifth also being made of home recordings). On this first youn can find songs from her early career: as a solo artist and with the Strawbs.
See Amazon for the tracklist.
I also hope some of you who do not know Sandy will try to listen to this because she is one of the the most beautuful voices of all times and, to me, I have to confess that it is hard to be as struck by a voice as I was by listening for the first time to Sandy's "Who knows where the time goes?" as performed by her with Fairport convention. Here there is her first version (along wih the Strawbs).
You may want to read some reviews on this box @ the BBC site or @ Artistdirect.
And on this fan site you can find her discography, while on this other one lyrics and tabs.

Box 1


Denis said...

Denis - Brasil

Vaughn said...

Been wringing my hands for this one for sometime now, thanks!

sérgio torres said...

thanks a lot!!!!
congrats, that's a lovely box set.

mikey said...

Thanks for this. Can't wait for the other CDs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting! I've been wanting to hear this so bad. Can't wait for the rest!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!:-)))

lugrumante said...

Excellent post, as usual. Grazzie mille, Michele.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! i have every regular release already with sandy on it, but here is a lot of unheard stiff. Don't wait too long with the other cds! Thanks a million!

Bebeto said...

Merci pour cette artiste, rare et superbe.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much for posting this boxset.

However there was a problem with the unzipping of disc 5, as it said the tracks No 7 and No 13 were corrupt.

Any chance you could redo those tracks please?

Thankyou :-)