Monday, April 17, 2006

Tangerine Dream: Zeit

Here is TANGERINE DREAM's third LP, "Zeit" (english for time), and one of the most beautiful and most ambience-like albums of the krautrock band, though very far from the new agey music they will end up playing in the late 70's and later on. This is, as JULIAN COPE would say, the ultimate "kosmische musik", made by some of the most talented german musician of their age (including POPOL VUH's deus ex machina Florian Fricke on Moog).
Only four tracks, for what once was a double LP (it is about 74 minutes long), with names only a krautrock band would choose: "Birth of liquid plejades", "Nebulous dawn", "Origin of supernatural probabilities" and, of course, "Zeit".

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