Monday, April 24, 2006

Dream Syndicate: Days of wine and roses bonus tracks

In these days Twilight Zone ( has been uploading lots of stuff of THE DREAM SYNDICATE, and I have noticed that it has not uploaded the bonus tracks from the CD version of "The days and wine and roses", the DS's beutiful first work, so now I am (uploading it).
For those of you who do not know anything of this american band, well...then you need to know that STEVE WYNN (leader and singer) were part of the so-called Paisley Underground, an american rock scene of the early 80's, that had its roots in 60's psychedelia, garage, but also in 1977's punk. DREAM SYNDICATE definetely were the band that had to make it: after this first record they signed for a major (WB, like Huskers Du did), but without getting really anything out of it. No success, and no more great albums. In fact after the Velvet Undergound strongly-influenced "The days of wine and roses" and more acid and free jazzy/walls-of-guitars-all-the-way-'round second "The medicine show" they never were so (damn) good. Maybe because the line-up was different, maybe not, but eventually they split up.
But here they are at nearly their best, with some songs unissued, like the first "Sure thing", but also with aleternative versions of LP's tracks (previously appeared on a very limitied edition EP), or with rehearsal takes.
- Sure Thing (EP version)
- That's What You Always Say (EP version)
- When You Smile (EP version)
- Soma Kinda Itch (EP version)
- Too Little, Too Late (15 Minutes)
- Definetly Clean (15 Minutes)
- That's What You Always Say (Rehersal)
- Last Chance For You (Rehersal)
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Could you please repost their Med. Show CD also?

MoogPower said...

Hey mischa, strange I seemed to have upped this about a week b/f you. Anyway, not to worry - it's all good.