Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Warren Zevon: Live 1982

Many of you may not know WARREN ZEVON, but he was one of the most sardonic songwriters ever and even though he became famous for his 1976 hit "Werewolves of London", never made it to the top again after that. In fact it was said that he was more known among musicians than among music customers (to prove this, his 1990 album "Hindu love gods" had R.E.M. as backing band!).

It is also true that some of his discography (say, "Bad luck streak in dancing school", for instance) is not so good, but still his lyrics have always been full of wit and irony, actually a rather rare thing in the rock world (there must be a reason why bands like PAVEMENT or PIXIES never really got to the big audiences, and probably their use of irony is one).

Unfortunately ZEVON got cancer and died three years ago, but, knowing this would be his last effort, he got to record his last, beautiful, and heartfelt album, "The wind" (with such special guest stars as BILLY BOB THORNTON, JACKSON BROWNE, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, EMMYLOU HARRIS, RY COODER, DON HENLEY, and TOM PETTY), which I do recommend.

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So, today's upload is a 1982 concert of his, and this is the setlist:

  1. Johnny Strikes Up the Band
  2. The Overdraft
  3. A Certain Girl
  4. Jeannie Needs a Shooter
  5. [band intros]
  6. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
  7. The Envoy
  8. Simple Man, Simple Dream [Souther]
  9. Charlie's Medicine
  10. Jungle Work
  11. Play It All Night Long
  12. Accidentally Like a Martyr
  13. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
  14. Cadillac Ranch [Springsteen]
  15. Excitable Boy
  16. [banter] > Ain't That Pretty At All
  17. Werewolves of London


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