Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Stooges: Complete fun house sessions (disc 1 & 2)

In 1999 Rhino edited the famous "Complete fun house sessions", a 7-disc box which includes all the tapes THE STOOGES played in the studio and that later led to the original 1970 "Fun house" LP, i.e. about 7 hours of music.
Now, unfortunately this box is not available anymore, but I'm going to try to post all of it, starting today from Disc 1 and Disc 2.
For all of you who are big STOOGES fans this is a chance to go deep into their best album.
Unlike THE BEATLES's "Anthology" this box is much closer to a live experience: most of these songs do not have very different arrangements from the ones that made it to the LP, and so they do not sound like proper "altarnate versions", but simply like slightly changed or extended songs (with guitar or sax solos or a different Iggy's vocal approach etc).
For more INFO about "The complete fun house sessions" (and the whole tracklist) see:


Anonymous said...

wow, awesome project!
good luck and thank you

McOrbit said...

Honestly: I love you! The best album ever made amd now I will be able to hear the rest of the stuff! Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

you are creeping into the music God area here guy.... thank you so much

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded part 1, and unfortunatly, it will not unzip, claiming it's not a valid archive. Part 2 seemed to work just fine.
I'm on a hellishly slow connection, so I have to download these overnight, and I'd hate to do it again, only to find out I've got the same problem...

So can anyone else confirm if Part 1 works ok? The zip turned out to be 98,840kb, and I'm wondering if that was correct.
If anyone could tell me the proper file size, it would really help. Thanks.

Oh, and a huge thank you for uploading this stuff, it's very generous of you, and much appriciated. I know this sort of thing must takes up quite a bit your time, and not a whole lot of people who download this stuff actually give you the thanks you deserve :)

schamash said...

wow, man. what a trooper you are. thank you very much, this is going to make my year so much better.

Anonymous said...

heap big thanks, from the bottom of my heart and the center of my wallet. suddenly i feel all right.

igi said...

(eto, tek da pitam)

Stooges - Complete Fun House Sessions (CD1)

Stooges - Complete Fun House Sessions (CD2)

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Stooges - Complete Fun House Sessions (CD4)

Stooges - Complete Fun House Sessions (CD5)

Stooges - Complete Fun House Sessions (CD6)