Sunday, March 03, 2013

(Another) repost: The go-betweens's Acoustic Stories (the mp3's)

Here's another repost.
I assume many of you, if you are go-betweens' fans, already know the "That striped sunlight sound"DVD, which is divided into two sections: one the proper concert, and two the Acoustic Stories part, where Robert and Grant talked about their career and performed 11 songs out of it in splendid stripped-down acoustic versions. I had been looking for the MP3's of that acoustic performance for a long time but with no luck, then I finally rolled up my sleeves, found the right software and did it myself: it took me some time so I really hope you appreciate it.
I have also decided to create two zip files: one with the "complete"acoustic stories (including all the talks inbetweens songs), and one songs-only.


    Lee Remick
    Cattle and Cane
    Part Company
    Bachelor Kisses
    Head Full of Steam
    Bye Bye Price
    Dive for Your Memory
    German Farm House
    Too Much of One Thing
    Here Comes the City
    Finding You

The Acoustic Stories
The "Complete" Acoustic Stories

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