Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grant McLennan Live 1995, Brussels

I had promised myself to post more stuff about the go-betweens, so I kind of saw it as a sign when I found this one, a Grant McLennan's concert from his 1995 tour. It is an audience recording, but a very (very) good one. Plus, as you may know if you are a GoBes'fan: there are not many McLennan boots out there (from his solo career). Actually I think I own only another one, (the radio shows) and that's it.
About the actual bootleg: there are quite good songs in here, although I can't really say I love his band or its sound (it may be the recording but the second/electric guitar lacks room and character), mainly because it is some kind of semi-acoustic concert struggling sometimes to sound big. Let's say I find the more stripped down songs (and the ballads) more convincing than the rockers (I have always thought that McLennan's talent was a a natural match with ballads...). Anyway, good versions of Clouds, Horsebreaker star (one of my favourites among his) etc, and some weird stuff (the last I know why, an unreleased one I suppose...really weird, much like Tallulah's Cut it out).

PS The picture is from the "Bands of your town" event (a good way to celebrate this great songwriter). Photograph courtesy of The Go-Betweens Credit: Bleddyn Butcher.


01. When Word Gets Around
02. The Sign Of The Unicorn
03. All The Songs
04. Hold On To What You've Got
05. Lighting Fires
06. Coming Up For Air
07. I'll Call You Wild
08. Easy Come, Easy Go
09. Don't You Cry for Me No More
10. Horsebreaker Star
11. Right Here 

12. Dropping You
13. Bye Bye Pride 

14. Haven't I Been A Fool
15. I Don't Want The Days To Change
16. Was There Anything I Could Do 

17. Clouds
18. I Know Why

Grant McLennan Live 1995, Brussels


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Matt T said...

Hi Misha,

Thanks again for another slice of Go-Betweens; especially when it is a solo show by Grant. I don't think he ever toured in the U.S. - certainly not near the mid-west so these are great to hear.

It's interesting to hear how raw and spontaneous Grant is live as compared to on record. Some of the songs are rushed while others seem improvisational.

When he did come around with Robert for the acoustic tour before G-B's part II. He was much more serious and subdued. LOL. That certainly plays better on the ballads.

Regardless, thanks again. So much.