Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Go-Betweens: Live 2005-10-28 Kaserne , Basel , Switzerland

At last another Go-Betweens' bootleg. After this one I'll have to start reposting some of the old ones (most of the old links had to be taken down). So don't worry: there will be many more to come.
Anyway: this is from the GoBes' last tour and it has a quite peculiar tracklist. First because of two song from McLennan's and Forster's solo career: Don't you cry for me no more and Justice (which I like a lot!). Plus there is a nice rendition of the then unreleased Did she overtake you (later recorded in Robert Forster's "The Evangelist").
About the sound quality: this is an audience recording, but don't get frightened by the not so good quality of the first (and part of the second) track: after that the sound does get better. 
By the way: the picture was shot by Martin Schori [Photographs (c) 2005 Martin Schori]. I have taken it from the Go-Betweens'website.


01. Boundary Rider
02. Head Full Of Steam
03. Caroline and I
04. Magic In Here
05. Streets Of Your Town
06. Justice
07. Bachelor Kisses
08. Did She Overtake You
09. German Farmhouse
10. Darlinghurst Nights
11. FindIng You
12. Don't You Cry For Me No More
13. Surfing Magazines
14. Poison In The Walls
15. Was There Anything I Could Do?
16. Here Comes A City
17. Clouds
18. Too Much Of One Thing
19. Spring Rain
20. The Clock

Live 2005-10-28 Kaserne(New Link)

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