Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cowboy Junkies: 200 More Miles: Live Performances 1985-1994

There is at least one good reason to listen to Cowboy Junkies: Margo Timmins' wonderful warm voice. I personally have to say that I don't own their whole discography but that I hold dear (as one of my favourite records) their second groundbreaking 1988 album "The Trinity Sessions", and that, had I to choose one single work of theirs as an example or a good point of entry to their career I'd probably go for this "200 More Miles", being it a good sum of their first five LP's and having also a spectacular rendition of Springsteen's State Trooper .

And listen to them play Lou's Sweet Jane:

200 More Miles

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Q16 said...

Thanks, great album!