Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Go-Betweens: Live 2003-05-09,Darmstadt,Germany

Here comes another Gb's boot, this one from the Bright Yellow Bright Orange Tour: long tracklist, pretty good recording, and I'd say that it's worth having also because of The house that Jack Kerouac built, a song played only rarely live during their post-2000 career (and maybe one of the most underated songs in their whole repertoire, and possibly one of my favourites -as it often is when it comes to many songs from "Tallulah" which lacked the proper production, or at least imho).
PS That night the supporting artist was Richard Hawley. The picture was taken (I don't remember by whom, sorry about that) from a concert from the previous year.


Disc 1:
01 Make Her Day

02 Poison In The Walls
03 Magic In Here
04 Surfing Magazines
05 Right Here
06 German Farmhouse
07 Bachelor Kisses
08 Spirit
09 Too Much Of One Thing
10 Old Mexico
11 Bye Bye Pride
12 121
13 Caroline And I
14 Was There Anything I Could Do?
15 Love Is A Sign
16 The Clock
17 Spring Rain

Disc 2:
01 [crowd noise]
02 He Lives My Life
03 Love Goes On!
04 The House Jack Kerouac Built

Live Darmstadt, Part 1
Live Darmstadt, Part 2


Anonymous said...

Part one is gone, can you reupp please?

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Great stuff Misha you seem to have more gobs recordings than anyone else in the world. Thanks mate

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