Monday, July 28, 2008

The Specials: S/t

I'm no big expert on raggae and such but a friend of mine told me about The Specials a couple of weeks ago and when I first got to listen to their omonimous debut I fell in love with it just like that. So what can I say: they were part of the late 70's ska revival but the music they made (labeled 2 Tone after the name of the same record company) was also -and not lightly- influenced by punk (they shared The Clash's management, and Strummer was a big fan).

Probably Doesn't make it alright is my song of the week.

There's no doubt you already know their hit (which is also the first track here) A message to you Rudy, but just in case...check this out:

If you want to know more see their wiki entry.

The Specials


Anonymous said...

Oh - I've loved them for many years. As some one once said to me "the only thing better than the first Specials record is the second Specials record..." so you should definately check out "More Specials"

Anonymous said...

im fifteen and i absoultley adore the specials, im seeing them in november along with my dad who brought me and my brothers up on music like this, i dont really care for the lastest music much, i just know that they are completely amazing and i love them:L xx