Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Feelies: Crazy Rhythms

Glenn Mercer's band is a little miracle of the eighties. One of these cult bands that helped people remember what rock music could be (among the horror vacui of 80's stadium rock bands or synth pop music criminals), much like what Big Star did in the 70's. Both Big Star and The Feelies were outsiders: Alex Chilton & co. were in love with british bands of the sixties and califonian rock (of the same decade), pretty much like The Feelies sounded as sons of late period Velvet Underground or Modern Lovers's devotés: go and listen to the album's first song, "The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness" and see if it doesn't sound like a track from Modern Lovers' debut.
Moreover the Rolling Stones' Paint it black and the Beatles' Everybody's got something to hide are two not-so-far-from-the-original but yet very good cover versions. Waht else? Of course Loveless love's, whose initial harmonics could be considered worth, per sé, the listen of the entire album. The fact that the rest of the song is a joyous electric ride like a double speed Velvet Underground number makes it just perfect. Raised eyebrows then kind of reminds me of the the first stuff (in particular the last part, the sung one) Brian Eno did, his first LPs.
But I could easily go on and on. What matters is that The Feelies were a hell of a band and that, still to this day, didn't get enough credit. And they do deserve it.

Crazy Rhythms


rogue46 said...

the feelies were and still are one of my all time favorite bands! they are doing some reunion shows in Hoboken at the end of this month, and Battery Park, NYC on the 4th of July!!!
This is an awesome album!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

You have talked me into a listen Misha
ciao bob

germt said...

Excelente disco. Un 10.

rogue46 said...

i just saw the feelies reunion show at Maxwell's. What an awesome show!!! I'm speechless. they did some new songs too, and may be planning a new album.

Anonymous said...

ok, so, way back in 1980, when downtown was still a wild untamed ghetto, they opened at irving plaza for the bongos and at the pep for the dbs (even television at the park west in chicago) and no matter how much i liked the headliners, i really wanted more of the warmup. so when sonic youth asked them to open for them, it seems i got my wish--20 years later, huh?
and yeah, they were everything i'd expected. i mean, what's not to like about twin guitars, evil leads and chunky riffs, one drummer dedicated to congas and tambourine--like what else gets you shaking your ass like a bunch of tintinabula? Grrrrarge Rock Rules!
(ok, tho' SY didn't slouch either, FYI)
i remember this alb in particular around the offices of the east village eye. big fave of the publisher too.

prosasvadias said...

Tank's a lot for the Feelies

Marbrefort said...

The Feelies were not a little miracle,but a waste of time.
You are being arty and snobbish.
Crazy Rythms is only average far below The House of Love,or the Smiths or James.

Better listen to the Trash Can Sinatras or the Chills (say,Heavenly pop hits compilation).