Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Go-Betweens: Live @ Rocking Horse Records, 05-01-2005

As I promised here's another Go-Betweens' bottleg, in this case a showcase performed in Brisbane to launch their 2005 album "Oceans Apart" (and, among the boots that I haven't posted yet I chose this because I see that very few people voted for OA as their fave LP in our poll...which kind of suprised me since it is considered by many one of their best ones).
The band here is Robert and Grant only, playing acoustic. Splendid rendition of "The mountains near Dellray".
(I wasn't sure wheter this the picture was taken @ Rocking Horse's or not, but Robert in the comments says it was, so thanks robert)


01. (introduction)
02. Finding You
03. Boundary Rider
04. Here Comes The City
05. Surfing Magazines
06. Cattle And Cane
07. Spring Rain
08. The Mountains Near Dellray
09. Magic In Here
10. (outro)

Live Rocking Horse 2005


Robert said...

Great post, thanks so much!

Nah, that photo's Rocking Horse alright. I was at this gig/instore and they were just stuck up against a wall with the records, wonderful. It was heaving with people.

jack said...

Thanks! I can never have enough versions of Boundary Rider. That song is one of my favorite songs, by any band, period.

Robert said...

Couldn't agree more with Boundary Rider.

I did some recording a few years ago at White Room studios outside of Brisbane. The producer/engineer there is Neil Coombe, the wonderful guy that recorded Boundary Rider. Grant and Robert went into the studio with the idea of recording some b-sides and B.R. was one of them. Grant had to be convinced to then include it on the album. It's amazing to think it nearly didn't make it!

Neil Coombe is one of the most amazing producers/recordists I've ever met, he's fantatic.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Misha, Im just about to post roberts instore appearance for the release of the evangelist
find it at
ciao bob

Rob said...

Thanks for the great music!!

Robert said...


A lot of Robs, Bobs and Roberts around here :)