Monday, February 18, 2008

Robert Forster's new song

It's called "Let your light in, babe", originally written by McLennan (see Robert's interview here), and it's the A-side of his new single. The song I ripped it and got it from some Boa note blog (which I thank once more) and it's a typically McLennan's 4 chords type of song. And the more I listen to it the more I like it. Also, I 'm getting addicted to the backing vocals' part (Adele Pickvance? I'd say so).

PS Check out Robert Forster's new site. By now there's nothing on but it's nice to see he has one.
PPS I'm not the sure whether the picture is the forthcoming "The Evangelist" 's cover or not yet.

Plus: More bootlegs of the GB's? See Nargo for the Berlin 2005 boot, and That Striped Sunlight for a highly significant 1979 4ZZZ radio concert (specially on a historical basis).

Let Your Light In, Babe


Overhere said...

Thanks Misha - it really is something to look forward to - thid new album...

Matthias said...


Thank you so much for the song and links! I cannot wait to buy Robert's new record. It was great to hear one of the new tracks and especially one written by Grant.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Can u reupload Massive Attack live in Berlin 2004 to rapidshare? please?
Thank you for the music, from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This new song is great. Can't wait to hear the rest of Forsters new album.

Boa Noite e um Queijo said...


Thank you for listening to our podcast! :) We're sending you a personal hello on tonight's edition - hope you'll hear it.

Me and my colleague are both music journalists in Portugal and we have some good portuguese indie music over here. You should check out Mazgani, for example...



Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks For this Misha, you have you finger on the pulse.
a new robert foster album is quite an event after so long
ciao bob

sawbird said...

Thanks Misha - counting down to The Evangelist. This will keep me going till then

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike!! This is your dear sister:) Thank you so much fot this' re really great!! I love this blog...bye bye brother!! Kiss Jules!