Monday, January 28, 2008

Robyn Hitchcock: I Often Dream Of Trains

Something old and new at the same time from the Robyn Hitchcock catalogue has just been released: "I wanna go backwards", a box with albums of the oxfordian from the early 80's with rare songs, outtakes etc. This made me feel like going backwards too, specifically to what is considered by many his best LP as a solo artist (meaning that the Soft Boys'"Underwater Moonlight"' is nearly everybody's favourite), this "I often dream of trains".
Also, I banged into it while watching a beautifully made documentary on Hitchcock, BBC4's "Sex, food, death..", I saw the title track's video (which you find down here, btw), and realised that "I often..." (the song) must have one of the best arpeggios ever.
Anyway, this is not the IODOT that you can find in the box, but the 1995 CD edition...Although I think I'll soon make up my mind and go buy "I wanna go backwards" as well... In the meantime enjoy this

I Often Dream Of Trains

Learn more on RH @ FoxyTunes
Or @ his Official Site
Or read Pitchfork's review of "I Wanna Go Backwards"


gomonkeygo said...

The new boxed set is worth it. Everything sounds great! (They did botch the tracklist one one CD case though). I've got the 80s original CDs and these are a huge improvement. Thanks for the Go-Betweens, too - great stuff. I'm going to add your blog in my links, if you don't mind.

John said...

"I Often Dream..." is one of the best homage's to Syd Barrett that one can find. I highly recommend this album. The sad thing is that Hitchcock is playing in Sydney and Melbourne in March and giving Brisbane a miss. I am crying tears of blood.