Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joy Division: Still (Live Disc)

As you can also read on a very good (as always) review @ Pithfork (here), Joy Division's albums (the "real ones", i.e. "Unknown Pleasures" and "Closer", plus the "Still" compilation) just got re-edit with a bonus disc of live material. Generally speaking I'd say that the live recordings already published -The BBC sessions, the Les Bains Douches one, and the Preston one- are better quality (as sound), but this "Still"is definitely the best in the pack, so here you are.

Something about the Go-Betweens' Vienna boot: I've read all the comments and I'm glad that some of you requested a re-up, but unfortunately there's been also some very impolite comments and in particular a rather rude one (which I haven't published) that urged me to re-up that same vienna concert. So: I'm writing this blog and uploading this music merely for fun, as a hobby, with no interests of sort and surely not in order to get insulted by anyone. It really bothers me that some people don't get that "for free" doesn't mean "at their will". That's the reason why you won't see the vienna concert soon. But you will, maybe not in a short period of time, yet you will, mainly because of all the kind words in the (published) comments.
And the next one will be a GB's bootleg too.

Still (Live Disc)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Fools In Love - Live @ Cabaret Metro Chicago, 1st April 1989

And at last another bootleg from the great GB's, and a very good one indeed: in fact although the sound quality is not excellent (but still quite good) this is a great performance from what IMHO is their peak and their best line-up, the one that toured to promote the "16 Lovers Lane" album. There are also some quite impressive moments in here to prove my theory: the beautiful Clouds with a tambourine and an almost velvetesque mood (1968-9 period by the way), and an incredible rendition of Quiet heart with an over the top drumming by Lindy Morrison that can't help but take you back to Moe Tucker (and Robert playing the harmonica à la Dylan).
It's a pity that in the end The clarke sisters got cut (and I think one song is missing), but hey, what the heck.
And this is not the end: more (bootlegs) to come!

Great Long Ryders bootleg in the surprise link.

1. Don't Let Him Come Back
2. Was There Anything I Could Do?
3. The house That Jack Kerouac Built
4. Clouds
5. Dive For Your Memory
6. Cut It Out
7. I Just Get Caught Out
8. Twin Layers Of Lightning
9. Quiet Heart
10. Streets Of Your Town
11. Bye Bye Pride
12. Right Here
13. Spring Rain
14. The Devil's Eye
15. Love Is A Sign
16. Love Goes On
17. Casanova's Last Words
18. The Clarke Sisters
19. Karen
Fools in love

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

REM: Live

No need to explain with REM, right?
But next post: another Go-Betweens bootleg!

REM Live 1
REM Live 2

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Go-Betweens: Tallulah demos & Liberty Belle Alternates

It's been a while since my last post on the Go-Betweens (a whole month!), so this is for all the fans that (just like me) can't get enough of the band from Brisbane.
So, what is it all about? It is alternate takes from "Liberty Belle & The Black Diamond Express" (actually only the vocal tracks are different from the masters), and demos of "Tallulah" (although 3 out of 5 are already included in "Tallullah"'s expanded edition's second disc).
And I promise I will be back soon with some more from Forster/McLennan & co.

Tallulah demos & Liberty Belle Alternates

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohead: In Rainbows

You can have it for free officially (just click here and order it choosing to pay O.O if so), or you can pay whaever amount you want (but pay attention that the bitrate is 160k, that is llike a common "leak") but if somehow you can't here is the download to Radiohead's new album "In Rainbows".

In Rainbows

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Radiohead: Live Ladyland Studios 2003

I suppose I'm one of the million people who are are dying waiting for "In Rainbows", the new Radiohead LP, so when I bumped into this very good recording of an advance concert for "Hail to the thief" (which was then yet to be released) I couldn't resist and now here it is.
It's 11 songs (including a semi-acoustic rendition of Fake plastic trees and No suprises).

PS Check out the surprise link if you really can't wait till October 10th for LP7

Live Ladyland Studios