Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Go-Betweeens: Before Hollywood

Hello, and sorry if I have been away for a while (on vacation in Paris, by the way), but now I'm back and with a hell of an album...and I know I have already posted a lot of THE GO-BETWEENS' stuff, but in Paris I bought this one (I had not bought it before because it is not available in Italy, so I had only bad MP3s of it) and I am so satisfied with it that I have decided to make it my comeback-post.
So, I'm talking about GB's second LP: "Before Hollywood", IMHO their first masterpiece (cointaining the absolute gem of McLennan's "Cattle and cane"), and one of those record that sound both naive and stunning...their sound is so clearly stuck in the past but still fascinating and beautiful (in that it kind of reminds me of REM's first album, "Murmur": it is clearly an LP made in the ealry 80's with all that crystalline sound and fine-sounding fact both LP's were released in 1983!).
Anyone interested also in the bonus disc?

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Before Hollywood


Anonymous said...

is the bonus stuff any good? a friend of mine had the tallulah bonus stuff and i found that one to be better than the actual album.

michelerui79 said...

Well, that depends much on the fact that the production of Talullah is overwhelming, too much 80's... Anyway, take a look here:

Anonymous said...

that video for cattle and cane is so sad to watch knowing grant is no more. his

hat is molto 80's.


Anonymous said...

would love the bouns disc! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please, upload again this album, please, please, please!

Thank you very much!